12 December 2012

#2 Satisfaction

     He looked at her face lovingly as he entered her warmth. The sensation of skin meeting skin made it almost impossible for him to concentrate on his movement. The gratification was almost intense.

     "Ahhh...you feel so damn good, baby," he breathed into her ear, nibbling and licking softly along the edges.

   She purred and moaned her satisfaction and this gave him encouragement to move within her. He placed his hands at the sides of her face as he rocked back on forth. The bed creaked and banged on the wall at the frenzied movement of the two undulating bodies

     "Oh, fuck yes! Come on honey. Faster! Faster!"

     He jammed into her faster and faster. Moving his hand all over her smooth soft body. Caressing her. Feeling her. She cried out more when he touched her centre and rubbed there slow and fast and slow and fast. A rhythm that made her lost to the world.

     "Ahh, ahhh. Just like that, honey. Ahh..."

     He bit into her soft breasts and laved with his tongue. Sucking the hardened tips till they become red. Tasting and savouring the sweetness of her.

     "I can't hold it any more, baby. Come with me. I want you to come with me"

     She responded by hugging him tighter and closing her eyes. Knowing that release was about to come. As soon as she felt him about to pump his seed into her, she stabbed him hard at the back, right behind the heart. His body spasm jerkily, with the blood spurting from his back and his seed shooting into her.

     "This is for her," she held his face in her hands and climaxed hard while watching the light went out of his eyes.

     When he finally stopped moving and she finally came back down to earth, she pulled him out of her, pushed him to the side of the bed and picked up her phone.

     "Yes, it's done. And yeah, you are right. He is, was, good. I came hard. Hahaha. So anyway, which part do you want again?"