03 February 2014

#5 And they soar through the sky

I'm dead

hacked into pieces

thrown into the desert

so the vultures can feed off

my moulting carcass

30 August 2013

#4 Snow White (1)

     Once upon a time, in a faraway kingdom, there lived a childless Queen. Though she longed and hoped and prayed for one, it was all in vain. One particular day, as the Queen was strolling through her garden of black roses in winter, lamenting her fate, a frog startled her and made her pricked her finger on a rose thorn. Three drops of blood fell unto the white snow.

     On seeing them, the Queen said, "I wish I have a daughter with skin as white as snow, lips as red as blood and hair as black as this rose." As the queen sigh and about to walk away, the frog spoke "Oh, my Queen. You'll have the daughter you desire on this very day."

     The queen was so overjoyed in hearing this that she immediately ran back into the castle and told the King. Oddly, the King wasn't as overjoyed as she thought he would. But the Queen thought to herself the King would feel joy too after the Princess was born.

     The Queen was right. The King indeed felt delighted of the Princess existence. She was named Snow White as her skin was as white as snow, lips as red as blood and a heart as black and as thorny as the roses.

---10 years later---

     "Where is the King? Did anyone see him?!" shouted the Queen at the people she passed by in the palace. She had been searching and worrying for the King since dusk because he wasn't seen during dinner.

     The Queen looked into every room she passed through till she was at the last room. It was Snow White's. Before she could knock on it and called out Snow White, she heard panting and moaning from behind the Princess' doors. She hurriedly opened them and on Snow White's bed, she saw two shadows conjoining and writhing in unison. The room was too dark for her to make out any details.

     "Snow White? Who's there with you?" the Queen asked as she went to the nearest lamp and lighted it up.

     "NO!" a brash voice shouted from the two shadows.

     The startled Queen immediately swung the lamp at the bed direction. What she saw made her nearly dropped the lamp and started the room ablaze. There was the King on top of Snow White, both of them without a stitch of clothing and pressing against each other in places that almost made the Queen faint.

     “What…w…why?” stammered the Queen.

     “Oh, Mother!” cried Snow White as she smiled. The King was totally speechless, looking at the stupefied face of the Queen.

     Upon seeing the Princess’ smile, the Queen fled out of the room, crying her heart out. She went to her tower just outside the castle ground where she kept a ‘magic’ mirror. To the mirror, she always chanted “Mirror, mirror on the wall…who’s the fairest of them all” and from behind it, out came the Queen’s lover, a huntsman, always answering “You are, my Queen. You are the fairest of them all.” Everyone knew of this, even the King. But he ignored it because he had lovers of himself.

     “Why are you so sad, Mother? I thought you never cared whom Father sleeps with. Even you have your own,” said Snow White, startling the heartbroken Queen.

     “I have them because your Father started ignoring me after you were born! And you! How could you?! How could he?! His own daughter!” cried the Queen in anguish.

     “Oh, please Mother. Everyone knows I’m not really Father’s daughter. That story of a frog telling you, you are going to get pregnant? Hahaha…you were raped, weren’t you, Mother? So, there’s nothing related of me and Father at all. We’ve done nothing wrooong…” Snow White said in a sing-song voice mockingly before she went out of the Queen’s tower, laughing cruelly.

     “NO! You are his daughter! I was pregnant before that happened…nooo…” whimper the Queen in vain. Between sobs, she chanted her ‘magic’ phrase and came in the hunter, hugging the Queen and telling her everything was going to be okay, consoling her.

     “I can’t let this going on. I would rather they died than living in sin. You,” the queen held the hunter’s face. “You have to kill her. Kill Snow White. Yes, do that. For me, please.”

     Even though the hunter also believed Snow White was not the King’s daughter, he agreed to kill her because he didn’t want to lose the Queen, or more specifically, The Queen’s gold.

     Snow White was strolling around in the castle’s garden in her favourite red cloak when she was suddenly grabbed from behind. Before she could even scream and alert the guards, she was dragged into the darker parts of the garden and felt herself being pinned down.

     “Ah! What are you doing? Who are you?!” Snow White struggled with all her might to free herself but the person pinning her down was too strong and heavy.

     The hunter suddenly slapped the Princess and she stopped moving at all. “Shut up, bitch!” he whispered harshly into her ears. Putting his serrated knife at her throat, he told her the Queen wanted her dead because she can’t handle her ‘relationship’ with the King. “And another thing, I think she was jealous of your beauty. My, my…you are very beautiful. And…” he sniffed her throat, “...you smell delicious. But too bad I have to kill you.”

     On hearing that, Snow White immediately relaxed her body and smile seductively at the hunter.

     “Oh, how about you taste me? Then you could really tell whether I’m tasty or not. Come on, I don’t mind. I’m going to die anyway, right. You should…ummm…sample me before killing me,” murmured Snow White while she slowly encircled her arms around the hunter’s neck, bringing his lips closer to hers. “Kiss me,” breathed the Princess.

     The hunter, like the King and every other man, fell into her spell. Her beauty and prowess entrapped them in a bliss they’d never feel before. At the height of his passion, the Princess implored to the hunter, “Please don’t kill me. I don’t want to die. And if you spare me, you could taste me over and over and over again.”

     The hunter was feeling so good and the Princess looked so innocent, with her flushed face and dewy eyes, that the hunter agreed and shouted it out loud as his ecstasy took over him. Done with his satisfaction, the hunter get up, took a black box from his sack and disappeared behind the trees. After a while, he came back bearing the now bloodied black box.

     “Heart of a pig. The Queen wants me to cut out your heart as proof of your death and wants to eat it because she thinks it’ll make her beautiful,” explained the hunter. “Now go hide yourself. And only come to me when I say so.” Snow White just nod while putting back her clothes.

     The hunter, feeling good of himself, jovially presented the heart to the Queen and she, not suspecting anything, consumed the heart raw, satisfied that the little Princess was dead.

     “Now, I will be the fairest of them all. And have the hearts of all the men,” cried out the Queen in triumph.

~to be continued~

(adapted from Ludwig Kakumei)

17 January 2013

#3 Forever & Always

I love you. Do you love me?

You do? Really? Yes!

Huh? What do you mean what I'm doing? This is for us, darling.

Awww, don't be afraid. Everything will be just fine. Believe me, this is for us. You'll see.

Hushhh. Don't scream, baby. Hushhh, my darling. Don't you cry. Everything will be just fine.

Oh my God! Will you just shut up!

Oh, no no no. I'm so sorry. I didn't mean to slap you. Hushhh hushhh. I'm so sorry.

There, there. You are all fine now. See, I told you everything will be fine.

Hey, are you hungry? Let me cook you something special, kay.

Here it iiss! Eat up. You'll need your strength, for later. You know. -giggle-

Why are you not eating? I thought you like this. Eat it. Here.

I said EAT IT!


Look what you've made me do. Well anyway, it's bed time. And it's our special night toniiight.

Emmm. The bed is comfy, right. I know you'll like it.

Awww. Don't start crying and screaming again. I just wanna have a good time tonight.

There there. Hushhh, my darling. You are doing good. You are doing just fine.

Now for the final part. Don't worry. It's for us to be together forever, baby.

Ahhh! Wow, that's a lot.

Emmm. Delicious.

Hmmm, there really is a difference in colour between blood from little cuts and ones that come directly out of the heart.

See, with this, we'll become one, darling. Our hearts will become one.

We'll be together forever. I love you, my darling.

Forever and always.

<3 <3 <3


12 December 2012

#2 Satisfaction

     He looked at her face lovingly as he entered her warmth. The sensation of skin meeting skin made it almost impossible for him to concentrate on his movement. The gratification was almost intense.

     "Ahhh...you feel so damn good, baby," he breathed into her ear, nibbling and licking softly along the edges.

   She purred and moaned her satisfaction and this gave him encouragement to move within her. He placed his hands at the sides of her face as he rocked back on forth. The bed creaked and banged on the wall at the frenzied movement of the two undulating bodies

     "Oh, fuck yes! Come on honey. Faster! Faster!"

     He jammed into her faster and faster. Moving his hand all over her smooth soft body. Caressing her. Feeling her. She cried out more when he touched her centre and rubbed there slow and fast and slow and fast. A rhythm that made her lost to the world.

     "Ahh, ahhh. Just like that, honey. Ahh..."

     He bit into her soft breasts and laved with his tongue. Sucking the hardened tips till they become red. Tasting and savouring the sweetness of her.

     "I can't hold it any more, baby. Come with me. I want you to come with me"

     She responded by hugging him tighter and closing her eyes. Knowing that release was about to come. As soon as she felt him about to pump his seed into her, she stabbed him hard at the back, right behind the heart. His body spasm jerkily, with the blood spurting from his back and his seed shooting into her.

     "This is for her," she held his face in her hands and climaxed hard while watching the light went out of his eyes.

     When he finally stopped moving and she finally came back down to earth, she pulled him out of her, pushed him to the side of the bed and picked up her phone.

     "Yes, it's done. And yeah, you are right. He is, was, good. I came hard. Hahaha. So anyway, which part do you want again?"


29 November 2012

#1 The Feast

     I open my eyes and wince at the pain in my head. Urghhh, why is my head hurting? I look around, I try, but all I see is darkness. Ahhh, where am I? After rubbing my head a bit, the pain seems to lessen. I try to sit up and in doing so, I feel the soft touch of what is under me. In running my left hand on it, I realize it's a comforter. An expensive one at the feel of it. Guess I'm on a bed.

     Wait, my left hand? Why am I not using my right hand, the dominant hand? That is when I realize I'm holding something in it. Something hard and wet. It's too dark to see even when I raise it up to my eyes. ~sigh~. This is hopeless. I drop the thing, and notice my hand is still feeling wet and sticky. What is this? Tries to sniff the substance, but seems like my nose doesn't seem to function for now. Should I lick it? Yes, I should. Emmm...it tastes sour. But not unpleasant. Where the hell am I and what the hell is this?

     After rubbing the substance off my hand, I get off from the bed unto the warm feel of wooden floor. This is definitely not my house. I close my eyes, trying to remember what happened, where am I. Nothing seems to pop up, so I decide to try to find a door. As this must definitely be a room. I trip over something cold and wet on the floor and as I fell down, flashes of memories come into my mind; the girl, the boy, they are a couple, me jogging in the woods, the cabin, my friend, Tony, the knife, the screams, another couple.

     As I lay there in a puddle of something, I smile. Oh, I see. I remember now. Then I start to giggle softly. Then I start to laugh. Man, yesterday was awesome! Oh, yeah, where is Tony? Guess he's out back, cooking them. I laugh some more and get up from the floor. Since I now know where I am, I don't trip on anything else. As I walk outside to the back of the cabin, I saw Tony at the grill.

   "Well, well, well, look who decided to finally wake up", Tony says while flipping the meat. "Man, why didn't you wake me. Now I'm hungry again," says me as I walk towards him with a plate on my hand. Then, I hear someone giggles behind me so I turn towards the sound. "Morning, Brad. Hope your head is better today. You really did too much jello shots last night. By the way, the jelly fight was awesome. We really love it! Though I did tell you we shouldn't play in your room. But doesn't matter anyway, you manage to sleep despite the food all over the place," laugh the couples that we met yesterday.