29 November 2012

#1 The Feast

     I open my eyes and wince at the pain in my head. Urghhh, why is my head hurting? I look around, I try, but all I see is darkness. Ahhh, where am I? After rubbing my head a bit, the pain seems to lessen. I try to sit up and in doing so, I feel the soft touch of what is under me. In running my left hand on it, I realize it's a comforter. An expensive one at the feel of it. Guess I'm on a bed.

     Wait, my left hand? Why am I not using my right hand, the dominant hand? That is when I realize I'm holding something in it. Something hard and wet. It's too dark to see even when I raise it up to my eyes. ~sigh~. This is hopeless. I drop the thing, and notice my hand is still feeling wet and sticky. What is this? Tries to sniff the substance, but seems like my nose doesn't seem to function for now. Should I lick it? Yes, I should. Emmm...it tastes sour. But not unpleasant. Where the hell am I and what the hell is this?

     After rubbing the substance off my hand, I get off from the bed unto the warm feel of wooden floor. This is definitely not my house. I close my eyes, trying to remember what happened, where am I. Nothing seems to pop up, so I decide to try to find a door. As this must definitely be a room. I trip over something cold and wet on the floor and as I fell down, flashes of memories come into my mind; the girl, the boy, they are a couple, me jogging in the woods, the cabin, my friend, Tony, the knife, the screams, another couple.

     As I lay there in a puddle of something, I smile. Oh, I see. I remember now. Then I start to giggle softly. Then I start to laugh. Man, yesterday was awesome! Oh, yeah, where is Tony? Guess he's out back, cooking them. I laugh some more and get up from the floor. Since I now know where I am, I don't trip on anything else. As I walk outside to the back of the cabin, I saw Tony at the grill.

   "Well, well, well, look who decided to finally wake up", Tony says while flipping the meat. "Man, why didn't you wake me. Now I'm hungry again," says me as I walk towards him with a plate on my hand. Then, I hear someone giggles behind me so I turn towards the sound. "Morning, Brad. Hope your head is better today. You really did too much jello shots last night. By the way, the jelly fight was awesome. We really love it! Though I did tell you we shouldn't play in your room. But doesn't matter anyway, you manage to sleep despite the food all over the place," laugh the couples that we met yesterday.